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Let’s go for a stroll… with Alice in La-La as your chaperone, the bewildering world of fashion retail suddenly makes sense.

Fashion retail can be a mad, mad world with hundreds of new styles released each week and hot new labels hitting the market every week. How do you sort through the winners from the ho-hum?

Well, that’s where Alice in La-La can assist…

By drafting the ideal ‘market map’ for your store, you can avoid those pitfalls as Alice in La-La helps you create a retail mix that’s just right for your business – no matter who represents the right labels for you!

So, if your store is just starting out, you’re looking to grow your business, or searching for just the right new label, give Alice’s team a call. We service stores across Australia, New Zealand and even further afield.

Alice in La-La has a luxury showrooms in Alexandria, Sydney, New South Wales...or we're just as happy to visit you!

And don’t forget to check our frequently asked questions, left. 

Buying from our range of Fast Fashion Labels (otherwise known as Stock Service) may be just the answer. We offer a premium stock service designed and tested to maximise sales and minimise wait times for customers who need hot new styles now!

We keep a large range of quality stock on hand so you can take those styles from showroom to shopfloor there and then. And we’re able to deliver all other styles in store within a week.

Our fast fashion labels are managed in much the same way as our indent brands, with written exclusivity agreements and great attention given to avoid style conflicts in areas without formal agreements.

All our fast fashion labels are chosen for their on-trend styling, great branding and good value. Premium product images are also provided by all our labels for our stores to use in social media and marketing, making for effortless sales.

Further investment is committed to developing exciting new innovations for our delivery of fast fashion so our clients will continue to see improvements in their brand experience with Alice in La-La and our quality, fashionable value labels. 

Explore our fast fashoin labels here.

There are 3 ways to stay updated with new styles:

  1. You’re welcome to visit our Sydney showroom for an appointment with your dedicated Account Manager who can show you through all available styles; you might even sneak a pre-release peek at new styles as they arrive.
  2. Keep updated whenever, wherever you are via our private Alice in La-La Fashion Gallery login where you can access images, descriptions and prices of all our available styles. Request a key to our Fashion Gallery here.
  3. Plus our weekly style releases are a must-read, detailing the freshest styles about to hit Adelaide complete with celebrity inspiration images, styling tips and more handy marketing titbits. Register for regular Style Updates here. 

Please remember stocks are limited and often sell out on the day of release so it’s best to email or call your AM that same day to secure styles you love.

If you’re looking for Indent stock on hand we will make enquiries with our labels to find just the right styles and sizes for you.

We use crazy amounts of jargon in this industry so here’s a little cheat sheet to knowing what we’re on about. 


A custom-fitted basic pattern from which patterns for many different variations can be created. Also called a “Sloper”. If a label has a great “trouser block”, for example, this means the shape and fit of their pants are fantastic season after season because they use the same basic pattern, updating and developing it with a fresh style each season.

“Cash before delivery”.  This means making payment on stock when it is ready to be dispatched to you.

A group of garments put together or designed by a fashion designer to tell a story of inspiration or appeal to a target market during a particular season.

Sometimes labels will split up delivery of a collection over a series of weeks or months. Each delivery is called a drop.

An agreement between a retailer and the agent guaranteeing that certain other stores will not be supplied with a specific label in return for a minimum commitment of support from the retailer.
Rarely does store exclusivity cover an entire state or country. Exclusions may be determined based on factors such as geography, customer demographic or  retail mix. Minimum commitment may be based on a dollar amount, volume figure or percentage of range.

Flat Lay
Photograph of a piece of clothing on a mannequin, but with the background and mannequin edited out. As seen in fashion magazines. Can sometimes refer to images of clothing laid flat on the floor rather than on a mannequin.

The difference in cms between sizes (looking at key garment measurements like bust, hips, waist). This varies by label as Australia has no official standard sizing, but is usually around 5cm.
This is used at pattern making stage to increase or decrease the sizing from the sample while maintaining the original garment’s look and fit.


Refers to labels that design and sell their collections seasonally and usually in advance of that season arriving in store.
Indent implies a label is of good quality as the designer has time to think out a coherent collection, source unique fabrics and create look books and marketing to support the collection. The manufacturing is also done in a planned and strategic way indicating a high quality finish. The only threat is that the designer must be very good at forecasting trends, shapes and colours that will be desirable to consumers in the future.

These are stories or small collections released by labels, in between formal seasons, to give retailers the opportunity to have newness in store.

The brand name applied to clothing produced by a designer or company.

Look book
Essentially a professionally produced catalogue of a label’s collection in digital or hard format. Usually features images of models wearing each piece in a collection.

The amount of gross profit made when a product is sold, expressed as a percentage (%).
Margin = ( Retail $ - Wholesale $ ) / Retail $
For example:
Gross Profit (GP) = $30 RRP - $20 W/S = $10 GP
Margin = $10 GP ÷ $30 RRP = 0.33 or 33%

Mark Up
The percentage (%) added to a wholesale price to achieve the retail price.
Eg. Top wholesale is $50, RRP is $100. Therefore mark up is 100%.

This is the minimum commitment required each season in order to stock a label. Usually stated as a dollar amount, they are sometimes set as a volume figure.
Minimums are determined at a level that represents the label in store sufficiently to make an impact and hence sell-through. They are never close to the level that would see a store over-stocked on a label.

One Across
As with a “Size Run”, one across indicates ordering one unit of a style in every size.

A quantity of garments sold together, often by a Stock label.
For example, Madison Square is sold in packs of 6, broken up as 3 x small, 2 x medium, 1x large.

Production Schedule
The schedule used to determine how many of each style a label will produce each season and when they will be completed. Once a production schedule has been signed off it means manufacturing has begun so making any changes to orders is tricky. Hence why having orders in before the closure of a window is important so you don’t miss out.

Return Authorisation is a number or code given to retailers when they wish to return a faulty item.
The label will examine the items under a RA and then let them know whether they will repair, replace or credit the retailer. RAs have an expiry date (usually 7 days) so always post your items straight back to avoid missing out.

Ready to wear
This describes the majority of the world’s fashion; factory made clothing produced to standard sizes intended to be worn without significant alteration.
Also know as RTW, or “Off the rack”. When referred to by its French name, “Prêt-a-porter” , RTW  has connotations of exclusivity indicating the item was produced in limited numbers.

The Recommended Retail Price. A guide price from labels so retailers know they are not underselling themselves against other stockists.
Please note ACCC rules apply and no one can force a retailer to sell at a particular price. This is ILLEGAL.

Based on the weather seasons, fashion Seasons are a set number of collections a label releases each year.
For Indent labels the buying of a season is usually a few months in advance of a season hitting stores. And usually a season is released in stores in advance of the weather season so consumers have a chance to purchase their wardrobe in advance.
Seasons include:
• Spring Summer
• High Summer
• Party / Resort
• Pre-fall
• Autumn Winter
• Winter or Second Winter

When a buyer visits the showroom for the presentation of a new collection. Occasionally referred to as a “Viewing”.

Size Run
Refers to ordering one unit of a style in every size. Also referred to as “One Across”.

Stock labels
As opposed to Indent, Stock on hand labels or “Stock Labels”, do not design their garments as far in advance. Because of this they can react to market demand and new trends very quickly, giving retailers the flexibility to pick up on styles they may have missed through their indent ordering.
Stock labels release styles regularly, as often as every week so there is always something fresh to update a store with. Usually priced at the lower end, garments are sold in larger quantities (packs of 6 or 7) as opposed to most Indent labels that can generally be purchased in fewer multiples per style. Unfortunately quality can sometimes be sacrificed for the lower price point.
Clever buying may also be required to create a coherent retail mix, as Stock labels aren’t designed as a collection with interconnecting stories that can easily merchandise together across the season, as with Indent labels.
Stock on hand Refers to stock from an Indent label that is available to purchase now from the season that is currently in store. Usually available only to current stockists of the label.

A smaller group of garments within an overall collection that have a specific theme or styling and that are designed specifically to be worn or merchandised together.
For example, a “Spring Garden” story may feature the repeated use of a particular floral fabric with other garments cut in the key colours from that core fabric…so it all works together ; “This goes with that”.

1. The time frame during which a retailer is able to place an order on a range.
2. The “Delivery Window” is the time frame during which a delivery will be made.
3. The mannequin display in a store’s front window. Often used to refer to visual merchandising in general.

1. How quickly can I have my stock selections?

Usually within 24-72 hours!

2. Are there freight charges?

Yes, usually freight fees are around $20 per delivery.

3. What if an item looks faulty?

We recommend that you carefully check over all new arrivals immediately as we are only able to accept faulty item returns within 1-2 weeks of purchase, depending on the label's policy.

If you have a faulty item call us for a Return Authorisation Code (RA) to display clearly on your return package.

If an item is deemed the fault of the manufacturer, and arrives to us within 7 days of the RA issue day and 10 days of ordering, a replacement will be sent straight to you.

If that item isn’t available we’ll issue you with a full credit for the item and your return postage so you’re never out of pocket. 

Please request our Returns Policy or that of a specific label here.

4. Do you sell only in packs?

No! Most of our Indent labels allow you the flexibility of selecting just the right sizes and quantities of a garment for your store.

Plus, were the only agency to offer the flexibility of Half Packs.

5. What is a Half Pack?

The usual pack size is split in half meaning you can purchase twice as many options for your customers. Plus you reduce the risk of marking stock down if you want to trial a challenging style. 

For example, SNDYS comes in a pack of 7 (1 x size 6, 2 x size 8, 2 x size 10, 2 x size 12).
A half pack would contain: 1 x size 6, 1 x size 8, 1 x size 10, 1 x size 12.

A $4 per unit charge applies to half packs.

6. Who do I contact to make an order?

Every Alice in La-La client has a dedicated Account Manager so you’ll know exactly who to call, email or text when you need help. Meet the team here. 

If you're a new store, please get in contact with us, we'd love to hear from you!

7. Why do I have a dedicated Account Manager (AM)?

Alice in La-La AMs are fashion professionals who know thier clients' businesses inside and out.

This means they become an advocate for your store and often do a lot of the buying legwork for you…. spotting just the right styles and new labels for you, plus identifying new marketing ideas.

8. Can I re-order?

If you would like to re-order on a winning style, simply email or call your AM with the style, colour and sizes you’re after.

We’ll do all the running around and will get back to you for confirmation before arranging dispatch for you.

As trusted partners to our gorgeous portfolio of labels we’re also often able to request recuts of styles that worked a treat for you!

9. What if the label I want is stocked down the road?

We are passionate about maintaining the individuality of our independent boutiques so we always try to ensure a different retail mix or every store.

When it comes to Indent  we recognise these are the labels  your brand is built on  so we create a supply solution that is just right for your store.

This agreement is then documented along with a written summary of all stockists so there are no surprises, grey areas, or the risk of handshake agreement being forgotten or misinterpreted.

For fast fashionlabels where an exclusivity guarantee is not in place in a particular area, we’ll make sure there are no SKU cross overs.

10. Do you offer credit accounts?

All clients of Alice in La-La begin on cash-before-delivery terms. Payment methods include bank transfer, credit card, debit card, eftpos or cash.

To gain immediate priority dispatch many of our clients have chosen to authorise an Auto-Payment whereby their card is charged an payment receipt emailed as soon as stock is ready to be dispatched... They get their delivery super-fast and we waive the usual 1% credit card processing fee.

Once a strong trading history is established, clients may apply for a credit account.

11. What details do you need from me?

Every client of Alice in La-La is required to complete our Customer Information Form including your store details, delivery instructions and any agreed exclusivities.


Enquiries, bookings or comments? Please fill in the fields and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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